Biogas Systems

LMS provides the expertise to effectively design and install landfill biogas systems. These systems have world-class biogas capture efficiencies.

Landfill sites with organic waste produce landfill biogas which is approximately 50% methane. Methane is a harmful greenhouse biogas that contributes to the effects of global warming. It is also an energy resource which can be used as fuel to power a bioenergy facility. Unlike wind and intermittent forms of renewable energy, methane captured by LMS extraction systems are a proven base-load fuel source, providing reliable continuous output. 

LMS is committed to designing, engineering and installing landfill biogas systems which achieve world-class biogas capture efficiencies. The biogas is extracted from the landfill via a series of wells and network of pipes which connect to an LMS Biogas Flare or Generator Module. This process requires a specialist understanding of landfill dynamics, such as waste settlement, biogas flows, pressure loss and the management of condensate. 

LMS has gained extensive experience that ensures our designs are not only proven, but cutting-edge. Partners can be confident that LMS’ landfill biogas systems meet current standards, with over two billion cubic metres of landfill biogas extracted, and more than 3,300 biogas wells installed by internal teams across Australia.