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24 MARCH 2023

Leading bioenergy companies unite to accelerate Australia’s transition to clean energy

LMS Energy (LMS) and Helmont Energy (Helmont) have strengthened their strategic partnership in a bid to better leverage their expertise to decarbonise the Australian economy and make a material contribution to Australia’s journey to net zero.

LMS, which has been a 50% shareholder of Helmont for the past 16 months, is now acquiring the remaining 50% shareholding of Helmont, following a mutual agreement by the companies.

Helmont’s consolidation into LMS provides the emerging bioenergy business with the necessary capital and expertise to grow and reach its full potential, including accelerating its anaerobic digestion (AD) projects which convert agricultural feedstocks into renewable energy.

Since its establishment in 2020, Helmont has been a key influencer in shaping this industry, including new policy that will support bioenergy that can decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors of the Australian economy. 

Helmont currently has several exciting bioenergy projects under development across the agricultural bioenergy sector, including AD facilities in Murray Bridge (SA), Daintree (QLD) and Casino (NSW). These projects will reduce carbon emissions from the agricultural sector while creating value for farmers and agri-food businesses, which supports long term regional development.

LMS Executive General Manager Matthew Falzon said the Helmont brand will continue within the LMS Group of companies, with Helmont being a LMS company that will focus on bioenergy and methane abatement projects from agricultural waste. 

 “Bringing Helmont fully into LMS supports our vision to become the leading bioenergy and methane abatement company in Australia,” Mr Falzon said.

“LMS has four decades’ experience in bioenergy, owning and operating more than 60 biogas facilities across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

“Our decision to increase our investment in Helmont evolved from a shared commitment to protect the environment from the impact of waste while supplying clean energy from bioenergy resources. 

“At LMS, we are passionate about accelerating the world’s transition to renewables and preserving our planet for generations to come. Helmont shares this passion and we’re excited to see the growth in Helmont that this strengthened partnership will promote.

“The LMS Team is thrilled with this investment, which will provide improved value to new and existing customers for both companies through our complementary capabilities.”

Helmont’s Managing Director Mark Jonker said LMS’ 100% investment in Helmont will fast-track the development of its projects that use agricultural feedstocks to generate renewable energy and abate carbon emissions across the agricultural sector.

“In the agricultural sector alone, more than 1,000 petajoules of bioenergy resources could be available each year to decarbonise our economy. This is more than 20 times the amount of bioenergy currently produced in Australia,” Mr Jonker said.

“The opportunities to turn this into renewable energy are only just emerging. With LMS’ backing and expertise, Helmont is now better placed to harness these resources and make a real impact to contribute to the circular economy.

“We’re excited to demonstrate to Australia how the agricultural sector can play its part in becoming carbon neutral and supporting the country’s emissions reduction targets.”

Helmont also has a 50% investment in Carbon Logica – a new company that is focused on abating methane emissions from the resource sector. 

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