In November 2021, LMS Energy (LMS) became a 50% shareholder of Helmont Energy (Helmont) with our investment supporting Helmont to develop opportunities across the agricultural bioenergy sector.

In March 2023, this strategic partnership was strengthened by LMS acquiring the remaining 50% shareholding of Helmont following a mutual agreement by both parties.

Consolidating Helmont into LMS has evolved from a shared commitment to protect the environment from the impact of waste while supplying clean energy from bioenergy resources.

United by a shared passion, the acquisition also allows Helmont to grow its business to reach its full potential. Helmont’s employees have been proudly transitioned into LMS.

Helmont’s projects will reduce carbon emissions and accelerate Australia’s transition to clean energy in hard-to-abate sectors. This includes a focus on bioenergy and methane abatement projects from agricultural waste through anaerobic digestion (AD).

Converting agricultural feedstocks into renewable energy not only reduces carbon emissions from the agricultural sector, but creates value for farmers and agri-food businesses, which supports long term regional development.

Helmont also has a 50% investment in Carbon Logica, a company that is focussed on abating methane emissions from the resource sector. 

Read our March 2023 Media Release announcing Helmont’s consolidation into LMS.