Why LMS?

96% of employees either agree or strongly agree they would recommend LMS as a place to work

We’re passionate about protecting the environment and supplying clean, reliable energy. LMS captures and destroys the methane generated from waste. Over the years we have abated greenhouse gases equivalent to more than 50 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

We’re constantly investing in new ideas, partnerships and infrastructure to meet our goals – and you can be part if this exciting progress.

At LMS you’ll belong to a welcoming and diverse community. You will feel comfortable being yourself and be supported to grow professionally and as a person.

You can access our Employee Value Proposition here.

The benefits of working at LMS Energy

Sense of purpose

LMS employees work hard to help solve climate change while supplying Australians with secure, affordable and clean energy. Each year LMS abates greenhouse gases equivalent to four million tonnes of carbon, and generates 600,000 megawatt hours of base-load renewable energy – enough to power 100,000 homes a day. LMS captures and destroys methane at landfills, an important climate strategy to reduce the impact of the 27 million tonnes of waste Australians send to landfill each year. Additionally, LMS is part-owned by Sims Limited, one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies

Flexible working

We know that work is more than just a 9 to 5. It’s about balancing the need to grow your career without losing sight of the important things outside the workplace. Flexibility is about trust and dialogue at LMS. We provide flexible arrangements that are individual to your needs - whether it be your hours, where you work or extra leave options. At LMS, 87% of our employees agree or strongly agree that their manager and supervisor are supportive of flexible work practices. We offer employees the following flexible benefits:

  • TIME FLEX - a reduction in ordinary working hours and variable start and finish times
  • MICRO FLEX - flexibility to attend personal appointments
  • LEAVE FLEX - an option to purchase 2 weeks of annual leave
  • PLACE FLEX - an option to WFH x 2 days a week or work from anywhere for up to 2 weeks
  • WELLBEING FLEX - a wellbeing hour a week for exercise, mindfulness or an extended lunch break
  • HOURS FLEX - flexibility to reduce or increase full-time or part-time employment fractions
  • CAREER FLEX - an opportunity to take unpaid leave for up to 3 months to travel, take a rest or have a career break

Diversity and inclusion

We want LMS to be a great place to work for everyone; where people feel safe, included, inspired, trusted and supported so they can be, and bring, their best. We’re committed to creating a respectful and inclusive workplace where unique perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, cultures and attributes are valued and leveraged to help achieve better results.

We celebrate the fact that our workforce is made up of people with diverse demographics. And we are committed to ensuring our workplace is fair, equitable and free of discrimination and harassment.

Workplace health and safety

LMS is committed to providing a supportive workplace where your safety, wellbeing and mental health is a priority. To deliver this commitment, managers and employees strive to work together to always ensure workplace safety comes above all else and is never compromised. At LMS we also genuinely care about our employees. All employees have access to an Employee Assistance Program, as well as ongoing Mental Health First Aid Training. Employees are encouraged to think about their wellbeing on a weekly basis, having access to a weekly ‘wellbeing hour’ as part of the company’s Flexible Working Policy.

Community engagement

At LMS, having a sense of community is important to us. And it’s important our people feel a sense of belonging too.

Employees actively take part in our philanthropic activities, helping to strengthen and deepen our relationship with the community, while also instilling a shared sense of meaning and purpose.

All employees at LMS have access to a ‘Give Back Day’, an additional day’s paid leave to take part in corporate volunteering activities.

LMS is a proud supporter and fundraiser for serval organisations including Operation Flinders, The Smith Family, Can Do 4 Kids and the Cancer Council.

Learning and development

LMS also places a large focus on the learning and development of our employees. Our recruitment strategy is always to promote internally where possible. In July 2022 alone, LMS promoted 20 employees. LMS has also setup the following programs and frameworks to support performance development:

  • A Management Academy
  • A Graduate and Apprentice Program for entry-level roles
  • A continuous Performance Management framework – no end of year performance appraisals!

A LMS Induction Program will also be rolled out for all new starters in calendar year 2023.

Leave entitlements

Employees at LMS also benefit from the following leave entitlements:

  • EMPLOYER-PAID PARENTAL LEAVE provided to both primary and secondary carers
  • PRO-RATA LONG-SERVICE LEAVE ENTITLEMENT from seven years of service
  • PERSONAL LEAVE for twelve days as opposed to ten days a year

Graduate and Apprenticeship Program

At LMS Energy, we believe in nurturing and developing future leaders, providing endless opportunities for growth.

We offer a 6-month graduate and apprenticeship program that offers you the chance to gain hands-on experience, work alongside industry experts through mentorship, and make a meaningful difference in the world. You will be exposed to diverse projects and given the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who are committed to your success.

We invite bright minds to contribute their fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to create a sustainable tomorrow.

Join us, contribute your innovative ideas, and be part of our mission to shape a sustainable future. Learn more about our program by downloading our informational flyer here.