Energy and Carbon

LMS’ projects provide a dual environmental benefit - they generate renewable electricity and reduce carbon emissions through the destruction of methane. This destruction of methane is extremely important for the environment, with methane having a global warming potential of 28 times more than carbon dioxide. Landfill biogas is also one of the most efficient, reliable and cost effective sources of renewable energy                

LMS dominates the market share for large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) and carbon credits from landfill biogas in Australia.  
LMS commissioned its first project under the Renewable Energy Target (RET) in 2002, and today all of our bioenergy facilities are registered under the RET. LMS generated c.50% of LGCs created from landfill biogas activities in 2020, and generated over 500,000 megawatt hours of base-load renewable electricity.  

Australia’s carbon market is constantly evolving, with LMS being the first company to create and trade carbon credits from landfill biogas. LMS' bioenergy facilities abate over 4 million tonnes (CO2e) of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere per annum. LMS is issued Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) for this abatement through the Emission Reduction Fund. LMS holds the most landfill biogas projects accredited under this scheme and to date has been issued with over 50% of the total ACCUs for landfill biogas methodologies.  

Having been involved in every carbon scheme that has facilitated abatement of landfill biogas in Australia, LMS is at the forefront of developments and a recognised leader in this field. LMS has a dedicated Commercial team who assist our project partners to understand the changing opportunities and inherent risks of carbon markets. Our experience in negotiating the sale of these products also ensures maximum economic benefits for our partners.  

LMS Energy Pty Ltd (ACN 059 428 474) is an authorised representative, number 431336, of Navitus Pty Ltd (ACN 119 331 118), which holds Australian Financial Services Licence number 425609.