Since pioneering the collection and conversion of biogas-to-energy in 1982 (see history for further information on our story), LMS has created a strong history and culture of innovation.  


These innovations, which include a number of ‘Australian firsts’, have instilled a culture of innovation within the company’s DNA and enabled LMS to become Australia’s bioenergy leaders and recognised industry innovators.  


Some of our proudest innovations include (but are not limited to):  

  • 1982: 1st company to capture biogas for fuel use  

  • 1988: 1st to purify biogas for injection into the local gas network 

  • 1993: 1st biogas-to-electricity plant connected to the grid by LMS senior management  

  • 2003: Development of Australia’s 1st ever ‘AD Bioenergy Cell’ 

  • 2005-2016: Build out of Australia’s largest biogas portfolio 

  • 2017: Australia's 1st pilot solar project built on a landfill 

  • 2019: Australia’s 1st grid scale solar project built on a landfill 

  • 2019: Australia's 1st EV SuperCharger powered by bioenergy 

  • 2021+ : Next generation technologies & expanding circular economy solutions 


LMS’s dedicated innovation team are currently leading the exploration and pursuit of next generation technologies to expand the company’s suite of circular economy solutions.  


Resultantly, LMS’ relentless pursuit of innovation ensures that our partners and the communities within which we operate will continue to benefit from innovative circular economy solutions.