Effectively designing and installing landfill gas and flare systems

The Gas team provides the technical expertise to effectively design and install landfill gas and flare systems. These systems achieve industry-leading extraction and utilisation efficiencies.

Industry-Leading Technology

LMS is committed to designed and installing landfill gas systems of the highest quality. This is proven by long-lasting, maximum flow rates and ongoing regulatory compliance of projects. These gas recovery systems have extracted over one billion cubic metres of landfill gas, and abate approximately two million tonnes (CO2e) of carbon each year. 

LMS continues to develop new and improved extraction methods to meet the demands of regulatory bodies, reduce potential liabilities for landfill operators and increase positive economic returns. Clients can be confident that LMS' landfill gas systems meet current standards, with over 3,000 gas wells installed across Australia. These gas wells make up over 60 systems, utilising over 300 kilometres of pipe.

Gas Flare Innovation

LMS manufacture a fleet of flare modules, including the LMS Gas Flare. This compact flare with enclosed combustion continues to be updated to meet emission and safety requirements. The module is designed to be low maintenance, easy to transport, highly reliable and secure. It is also independently verified for the calculation of carbon credits under various Australian schemes, and has been accredited with the approval of numerous regulatory bodies. The company has manufactured over 90 LMS Gas Flare modules, which continue to be used successfully throughout Australia.