Engineering and manufacturing purpose-built renewable energy facilities

The Projects team engineers and manufactures purpose-built renewable energy facilities. Independent results consistently highlight generator availability and utilisation rates in excess of competitors.

Project Management

LMS manages the development of renewable energy facilities from the initial concept stage through to the export of electricity. This complete service includes preparation and submission of regulatory approvals, technical compliance, detailed design, liaison with network service providers, manufacture of equipment, installation of the entire facility, testing and commissioning.

Engineering, assembly and technical support services, integrated with project management and commissioning, reinforces LMS' commitment to bringing clients the very best technological and cost effective solutions.

Unique Power Modules

LMS has a complete, modular generation package approach to renewable energy where fuel is combusted using proven technology, producing electricity for sale. These generation packages are unique in design and equipment layout configuration, and are available in micro power modules through to multiple megawatt export capacities. Personnel also have a strong understanding of global engineering standards and codes, making LMS capable of delivering equipment worldwide.