Transforming energy

Joule Energy is the new, wholly owned subsidiary of LMS Energy – a partnership combining over 35 years of landfill gas, renewable energy generation and carbon abatement experience. While multi-faceted in its approach to clean energy, at the core of Joule is a focus on the development of solar power generation systems, both on and adjacent to landfills across Australia.

As landfills have very little utility once capped, due to issues of land settlement and landfill gas, they are ideal locations for solar development. Solar generation systems on landfills, and adjacent buffer zones, provide an economically viable reuse for sites that may have significant clean-up costs and little potential for commercial or residential redevelopment. Installing such systems, does present a series of unique challenges. 

Joule, in its capacity as a subsidiary of LMS Energy, has the essential knowledge and experience to safely manage the complications of interacting landfill gas and solar infrastructure, within a shared landfill environment. With a successful track record for designing and implementing seamlessly cohabiting landfill gas and solar power systems, Joule is an industry leader in this now emerging field.

To find out more please visit the Joule Energy website.